MBX MKII - Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Our goal with the MKII was to design a case that incorporated complete cable management solutions so integrating custom-made PCBs was the logical solution to achieve this objective. We created 3 PCBs in total - 2 function as backplanes for the drives and the 3rd serves as a power distribution relay board between the PSU and all internal devices.

The drive backplane PCBs (PCB.1 & PCB.2) are connected to the power distribution PCB (PCB.3) via supplied sleeved cables concealed within the Modular Front Structure. Our SATA Data Cable System utilizes rows of connectors at the top of PCB.1 & PCB.2 that are easily accessed by removal of the SATA Data cover plate.

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PCB.1 functions exclusively as the SSD backplane and is attached to the Inner Vertical Structure.

All integrated MKII PCBs are black in color and feature a metallic silver silkscreened logo. To assist us with the MKII PCBs, we called upon Janik Merz from Germany; the renowned "PCB Guru". Janik worked with us on the designs and through prototyping to ensure the PCBs would not only be flawless in function, but also aesthetically beautiful.

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PCB.2 is also attached to the Inner Vertical Structure and is the largest of the three PCBs. It's primary purpose is to function as the backplane for the 3x 3.5 HDDs.

As part of the MKII's comprehensive cable management system, we've added data and power connectors for the Slot-Load Optical drive and a row of 3-pin connectors at the bottom of PCB.2 for additional power relay distribution. These 3-pin connectors are used to provide power to radiator fans in the lower section in the event that a fan controller or Aquaero are not used. If either are used, there's a dedicated 4-pin Mini-fit connector to provide power to that device.

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PCB.3 functions as the power distribution board relaying power from the PSU to the drives, fans, pumps, lighting, and whatever else needs power. A section of material is machined out of the left External Structural Frame so that PCB.3 is flush mounted in the bottom right corner; discreetly located but easily accessible from both sides.

PCB.3 may be small but it's the perfect size for what it needs to do. It's location is key to its effectiveness in making the MKII's cable management system clean and exceptionally functional.

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