Who is XFORMA?

Based in Canada, Harwood Studios Inc. (HSI) is the company behind XFORMA, with Charles Harwood and Callen Magier as Partners and principal Owners. In 2013, Richard Fung joined XFORMA to help us in our effort to get the MBX MKII project to production. Richard brings extensive business experience to XFORMA and keep us moving forward with an ever-vigilant focus on the project's critical path.

James Gurney, a coding expert, manages the website's backend work and keeps it running smoothly and securely. Shaun Grady designs and maintains the XFORMA site. Shaun's creativity and strong aesthetic keeps our site clean, clear and visually compelling.

Joe Mercado masterfully produces all the custom wiring and sleeving included with the MKII. In addition to working with XFORMA, Joe heads up SanctumSleeving.com, where more of his exquisite work and full range of services can be found. Richard Keirsgieter (Kier) is renowned for his distinctive and awe-inspiring "Made by Kier" custom PC creations. A Pioneer in the Enthusiast Community, Richard brings his extensive technical knowledge and unique creativity to the Team.

What is XFORMA?

The name XFORMA was selected to reflect the transformation from our case modding origins, into a fully-established business, creating and offering unique and innovative, premium quality products. Before XFORMA, there was "murderbox" - a name widely known throughout the Enthusiasts' community for its original, custom crafted, high-performance liquid cooled PCs. Beginning in 2007, murderbox PCs set the bar among custom builders for their refined styling, innovative concepts and painstaking attention to detail. XFORMA begins with the MBX MKII project, and will hopefully go on to brand other exciting, future projects.

A Message of Thanks

I'd like to acknowledge and thank the people who were instrumental in helping us get this far and I'll begin with the person who played the biggest role in our success; Nils Papke of Germany. Nils first contacted me in early 2008 and because of his creative passion and infectious enthusiasm, we quickly became friends. Our friendship soon evolved into a Partnership leading to the launch of murderMod and it was this period and working with Nils, which helped shape the philosophy for the way I work today.

Without Nils and his groundbreaking contributions of Million-Dollar-PC and MDPC-X, I don't believe PC design and styling would be where it is today. I cannot think of a more influential person than Nils when it comes to the movement to transform PCs from bland appliances, to beautiful and compelling pieces of working art. Nils has inspired countless individuals with his efforts, and I personally owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Another person who played a key role is Kirk Olson. Kirk first contacted me as a customer and after discovering our many mutual interests, we became friends. In 2009, Kirk took over operation of the US murderMod store, allowing me to focus my time on creating new products. Kirk has since moved on, having graduated with an Engineering degree, and now enjoys a fulfilling career in the Nuclear Power Industry. I'm grateful to Kirk for all his efforts and will always consider him a good friend.

I'd also like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Adam Brovender, Allan Henderson, Angee Watanabe, Benny Adach, Billy Turner, Chris McKinnon, Daniel Bryant, Gene Phipps, Janik Merz, Jason Macza, Jesse Pannoni, Kai Chen, Kirill Gorin, Len Chaston, Luke Wadkins, Markus Marterer, Martin Simpson, Par Noren, Peter Joyce, Richard Keirsgieter, Ross Framo, Scott Steyns, Sharon DeHayes, Taylor Hand, and Zenon Chan. Their efforts helped get us this far and they will always be part of the XFORMA team.

Charles H
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