The MBX MKII Case is Now Available at TITAN RIG

Features & Specifications

  • MBX MKII aluminum unibody chassis w/4x black aluminum case feet
  • 2x brushed aluminum side panels w/ flush mounted acrylic windows
  • DEMCiflex dust filter for side panel mesh grills
  • Sculpted Front Grill w/ mount and DEMCiflex dust filter
  • Front illuminated logo light assembly
  • Front Drive Structure with optical drive mount, 3x SSD and 3x HDD sleds
  • Inverted ATX Motherboard Tray with integrated reservoir mount plate
  • MBX MKII Numbered Logo Plate
  • Structural and Clean Midplates
  • Serpentine Backplate
  • Serpentine PSU Mount Plate
  • Black mesh topgrill
  • Black PCB set: PCB1, PCB2, and PCB3 w/ custom wiring
  • Power/reset button PCB & cover with 90cm black wires and connectors
  • 8x SATA3 data cables
  • 2x custom sleeved power cables (PSU to PCB3)
  • Bahco ERGO hex socket head screwdriver

MKII Chassis Dimensions: 22.24" x 22.04" x 8.66" (56.5cm x 56cm x 22cm)

MKII Chassis Weight: approx. 37.5 lbs (17KG)

Maximum Mainboard Width (without EVO.2 FRH): 13.13" (33.35cm)

Maximum Mainboard Width (with EVO.2 FRH): 11.7" (29.72cm)

Maximum GPU Length (with EVO.2 FRH): 11" (27.94cm)

Limited Edition MBX MKII:

Materials & Process

The MBX MKII is entirely made of aluminum; with the exception of the side panel windows and grills, PCBs, and elements within the front logo light assembly and case feet. The raw aluminum is media-blasted, producing a fine texture surface which is then finished with black anodizing. The result is a beautifully refined and highly resilient surface that's vastly superior to powder coating. The two side panels are mechanically etched, producing an organic brush stroke effect, and then finished with a black anodizing treatment.

All the parts of the MBX MKII are meticulously crafted using precision methods and tolerances. Each MKII is assembled by hand with black-oxide coated hex socket head screws, secured into tapped & threaded holes or PEMs. Throughout the manufacturing process every part faces vigorous quality control measures and then, once assembled, must pass a final comprehensive inspection before being prepared for shipping. We stand behind our products and therefore the MBX MKII carries a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

MBX MKII Owners' Forum

We plan to launch and maintain an online forum exclusively for MKII Owners. This private forum will be the official venue for the MKII and where we will provide updates, along with design concept details for future products. The forum will help owners get the most out of their MKII and serve as the definitive resource of information for everything related to the MKII. Once online, forum invitations will be sent to all MKII Owners.

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Original Add-On Options

Select Add-On products for the MKII by clicking the item's check box below the images.

Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill$60USD
Dual TopFan$150USD
DDC/D5 Pump Mount$90USD
Single Rad & DDC Pump Mount$70USD
Dual Radiator Mount$70USD
Quad Radiator Mount$100USD
External AC Aquaero XT 6 Mount$30USD
Internal AC Aquaero 6 PRO Mount $60USD
Crossflow Fan Assembly$90USD
Luminous Panel - White$150USD
Luminous Panel - Black$210USD
 Coming Soon
EKWB 50 x 150mm Reservior$50USD
EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder$60USD
EKWB 50 x 250mm Reservior$60USD
CD/DVD Slot-Load Optical Drive$70USD
Logo Light Color Kits$25USD each
Blu-Ray Slot-Load Optical Drive$160USD
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Total: USDVisit TITAN RIG to Order the MBX-MKII
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