MBX MKII - Add-On Options

Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill

One of the most popular products of the original murderMod line was the Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill and so we're making it available as an Original Add-on for the MKII.

The Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill is laser cut and made out of 4mm thick acrylic to match the thickness of the Unibody. The Topgrill sits on a black flange that's secured into the top of the Unibody.

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Dual TopFan

The inspiration for the Dual TopFan concept came from ceiling fans with the goal being to create a minimalistic fan housing structure that would incorporate 2x 120mm low speed fans to help draw warm air out of the upper section.

The Dual TopFan sits on a flange that's attached to the inside of the top of the Unibody. It's the same flange used for the Serpentine Topgrill so the two parts are easily interchangeable. Once in place, the fans are powered by plugging in its 3-pin connector to an adjacent power header on the motherboard. Dust is not an issue while the Dual TopFan is operating, but in the event of prolonged periods where the machine is not in use, its recommended to cover the opening at the top of the case.

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Quad Radiator Mount

The goal from the beginning of the MKII project was to design and create effective, functional systems to install and mount liquid-cooling components like the radiators, pumps and reservoirs. Our years of experience in producing custom murderbox builds led us to the conclusion that a two-part radiator mount system was the optimal solution.

The Quad Radiator Mount uses a base that's attached to the bottom of the Unibody and a bracket sandwiched between the radiator and fans that slides into the base and locks in place. The bracket is designed so that the radiator fans can either be facing into or out of the case. The base comes with an integrated custom-made 4:1 sleeved cable that makes connecting fans and concealing their wires a breeze.

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Single Radiator & DDC Pump Mount

We've simplified the process of adding a second loop to the MKII by creating a Single Radiator /Pump Mount that's easy to install. The Single Radiator /Pump Mount uses the same two-part base and bracket concept as the Quad Radiator mount with the same "swing into position and lock in place" design for simple, tool-less installation.

The Single Radiator/Pump Mount includes an insulated platform for a DDC pump. You'll need an EK-XTOP DDC or similar style pump to feed into the radiator via flexible hose or rigid rotary-style fittings. By integrating the pump into the mount, there's room in the lower section for the PSU, Quad and Single Radiators, and up to 2 pumps; all with sufficient space for tubing. The Single Radiator/Pump Mount does not include radiator, fan, or pump.

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Dual Radiator Mount

The Dual Radiator Mount functions the same way as the Quad Radiator Mount by using the same two-piece base and bracket design. The Dual Radiator Mount is intended to be located on the same side as the PSU, and secured in place with screws into threaded holes in the Unibody's base.

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Luminous Panel - White

The Luminous Panel was first introduced back in 2008, when it was featured in a murderbox build for a Customer in Frankfurt, Germany. The Luminous Panel was one of two unique innovations showcased in "Daniel's 008 Build", and one that has gone on to become an increasingly sought-after commodity among Enthusiast builders of the most desirable custom PCs.

The Luminous Panel is designed to fit perfectly into the frame of the MKII's Structural Midplate, and plug into a power header located on PCB2. The concept for the Luminous Panel involves light uniformly emanating from the panel's top surface, illuminating components of the upper section, and creating dramatic visual contrast against the dark interior of the case.

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Luminous Panel - Black

The Black Luminous Panel was introduced in 2014 and showcased in the MBX MKII P4 Black custom build; created for Randy Pitchford, Founder and President of Gearbox Software. The MKII P4 Black PC featured the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard, and the Black Luminous Panel was conceived and created to complement the machine's theme.

The Black Luminous Panel utilizes a special acrylic surface layer that appears black until illuminated, and then when turned on, radiates white and projects light onto components like its white-top counterpart.

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EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder

The EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder was specifically designed for use with the adjustable reservoir mount system integrated into the MKII's motherboard tray.

The Holder's two aluminum brackets secure a 50mm acrylic reservoir in place against the top and bottom black reservoir end caps. In addition to looking much cleaner, the new design also keeps the area clear where SATA data cables plug into the motherboard providing access to all connectors.

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EK-X3 EVO.2 Reservoirs

We've collaborated with EKWB to create reservoirs designed to integrate with the MKII's EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder (FRH). The EK-X3 EVO.2 Reservoirs measure 50mm in diameter and are available in 150mm and 250mm lengths. The 50mm diameter was chosen to provide enough space for a GPU of up to 11" (27.94cm) in overall length. The Reservoir's black acetal end caps are machined to fit perfectly into the EVO.2 FRH mounts producing a refined aesthetic result.

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DDC/D5 Pump Mount

The DDC/D5 Pump Mount expands cooling capacity in the MKII's lower section by relocating the pump(s) into the Modular Front Structure. Moving the pump(s) into the Modular Front Structure allows a 240 Radiator to fit in front of the PSU, alongside the 480 Radiator. The mount embodies the same visual styling as the MKII's distinctive Drive Sleds, and occupies two 3.5" bays.

The DDC/D5 Pump Mount is designed to work in a range of configurations, providing extensive flexibility and functionality. The mount can accommodate an EK-XTOP D5 or similar style pump, or up to 4x EK-XTOP DDCs or equivalent. Tube routing options include configurations that eliminate the need for drilling holes in the Luminous Panel.

Logo Light Color Kits

Our goal in designing the MKII's front logo light element was to create a distinctive visual feature that would be dynamic, while maintaining elegant, refined styling. When the machine is off, the vertical lines are subtle yet highly reflective - when the machine is turned on, a rich glowing color emanates from the lower portion of the lines and smoothly transitions to black as it makes its way up the front of the case to the top.

The MKII includes a logo light color kit in your choice of an array of colors. Apart from the familiar red, we've created a range of color options across the spectrum so you can match the MKII's dramatic illuminated logo lighting to your build's internal color theme. All the logo light color kits are available as Original Add-ons.

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Crossflow Fan Assembly

One of the concerns for some Owners of the original TJ07 was adequate air movement in the upper section and so we created a unique product called the Crossflow Fan Assembly.

This innovative device incorporates the Silverstone FX121 Crossflow fan, which is included, and slides into the available 5.25" bay of the Modular Front Structure.

The Crossflow Fan Assembly was designed to work with the MKII's Sculpted Front Grill and does so by replacing the grill's mount. The Sculpted Front Grill can be easily removed for access to the custom DEMCiflex dust filter to clean.

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Internal AC Aquaero 6 Pro Mount

From the first time we incorporated an Aquaero thermal control unit in a custom murderbox build, we've included them ever since because of their superior functionality and features. Initially, we created a simple mount base that sat on the midplate but when the time came for a solution for the MKII, we knew we had to take it to the next level.

Part of our plan with the Modular Front Structure and the way sleds would be used to secure drives in place, was to also use the same system to mount internal devices like the Internal AC Aquaero 6 Pro Mount; this is what makes the system modular. By removing one of the 3.5" Drive Sleds and replacing it with a sled designed for the Aquaero, you have an effective way to mount the Aquaero that also provided easy access and concealment of the wires.

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External AC Aquaero 6 XT Mount

For those who like their Aquaero thermal control unit accessible from the front, we've designed a mount that includes a bezel that blends beautifully with the Unibody exterior finish. What makes the bezel so clean is the absence of mounting holes visible from the front. This feature comes as result of using PEMs stamped into the interior surface of the bezel and attaching the Aquaero boards from the inside instead of through the front.

The External AC Aquaero 6 XT Mount fits into the 5.25" bay and the supplied bezel replaces the MKII's Sculpted Front Grill.

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Slot-Load Optical Drive

We provide options for installation of either a CD/DVD (SOD02) or BD-R (SOB02) slot-load optical drive. The drive is attached to a mount within the Front Drive Structure, with the disc accessible through the top of the case.

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