MBX MKII - Modular Front Structure

Modular Front Structure

The Modular Front Structure is an innovative and versatile enclosure system that maximizes functionality with an aesthetically clean visual design. Much more than an enclosure for internal components, the Modular Front Structure also discreetly incorporates power allocation and distribution by ingeniously integrating with the MKII's internal PCBs and cable management systems.

The MKII's Modular Front Structure accommodates 3.5 HDDs, SSDs, Pumps, Aquaero, Slot-Load Optical Drive, and a 5.25"-bay device. We will continue to create and offer Original Add-ons for the Modular Front Structure to provide new features and functionality to the MKII and keep it updated for years to come.

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External Structural Frame

The frame of the Modular Front Structure consist of two 8mm thick aluminum outer vertical parts that provide the backbone for the front section. These External Structural Frames attach to the inside of the Unibody and top of the Structural Midplate using integrated brackets, and utilize blind threaded holes inside to attach the two Internal XMount Brackets.

The External Structural Frame is precision machined from solid aluminum to incorporate mounting brackets, the MKII's SATA data cable system components, the elongated hole-slots and exterior cutout sections of the Universal 5.25"-bay, and PCB.3 that handles the power distribution.

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Internal XMount Brackets

The Internal XMount Brackets are two aluminum formed pieces that attach to the inside walls of the External Structural Frames using keyhole standoffs and are secured in place by easily accessible countersunk screws. Mounted to the Internal XMount Brackets are PCB.1 and PCB.2 that line up with the drive rails and function as HDD and SSD backplanes for all 6 available drive slots.

Alternative Internal XMount Brackets are being designed to accommodate different configurations within the Modular Front Structure.

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Drive Sleds

There are 3x 3.5" HDD and 3x SSD sleds that are secured in place within the Modular Front Structure using insulated rubber grommets. Thanks to the design, only a minimal amount of room is required to insert the Drive Sleds in place so their access is not obstructed by anything inside the upper section. The rubber grommets eliminate vibration by isolating the Drive Sleds from the MKII's chassis.

The sleds feature an integrated handle on the front that assists in removal as well as adding to the aesthetic design of the Modular Front Structure. No tools are required to install the Drive Sleds into the Modular Front Structure and standard HDDs and SSDs are attached to the sleds using 4 screws.

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SATA Data Cable Management System

At the top of the left External Structural Frame is a machined section for the integrated SATA data cable management system. This system comes with a cover plate and 4x aluminum "fingers" used to hold the cables firmly in place along the side of the External Structural Frame.

The innovative MKII SATA Data Cable Management System makes installing sleeved SATA cables easy and the result visually appealing.

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Universal 5.25" Bay

The Universal 5.25" Bay at the bottom of the Modular Front Structure can be used for one of our optional Original Add-on parts or a 5.25" bay device of your choosing. The device is secured in place using adjustable length hole cutouts machined into the External Structural Frame that are then concealed by matching aluminum cover plates.

Included with the MKII is an internal cover for the inside of the Universal 5.25" bay that's used to conceal any wires from view and complete the look of the interior.

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