MBX MKII - Aluminum Unibody

Unibody Extrusion

The fine-texture finished, black anodized aluminum extrusion provides the backbone for the MKII. The unibody extrusion width has two thicknesses; 4mm in the center and 8mm at the height of the edges. These raised edges offer a subtle yet dynamic visual contrast to the flat central surface while also providing enough material depth to tap and thread the holes used to mount the structural pieces inside the unibody.

The media-blasted texture throughout the unibody provides a beautiful, refined finish that is incredibly durable, resistant to fingerprints and easy to keep clean. This finish is so exceptional, we decided to treat all the aluminum parts of the MKII the same way inside and out.

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Top Cutout

We've kept the same size rectangular cutout in the top of the MKII as the original TJ07 as it's well suited for an assortment of functional options. The MKII comes with a black mesh topgrill that accommodates 2x 120mm fans.

Optional Add-on items for this space include the Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill and the Dual TopFan which both use the same mounting frame. More options are in development and will be made available in the future.

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Slot-Load Optical Drive

One of the first things we wanted to do with the MKII was to incorporate a slot-load optical drive mount into our vertical illuminated logo lines on the front that wrap around the top of the case.

The slot-load optical drive is mounted in an aluminum bracket which is included with the MKII. The mounting bracket is designed for easy access and integration with the Modular Front Structure. The power/data cables plug into one of the PCBs concealed within the Modular Front Structure. You can choose from a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray model in the Add-on Options.

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Illuminated Logo Lines

We drew on our experience creating the Luminous Panel to conceive the MKII's illuminated logo line feature. Our goal was to create a dramatic visual feature that would be distinctive; balancing boldness with refined detail. When the machine is off, the lines are subtle yet highly reflective - when the machine is turned on, a rich glowing color emanates from the lower portion of the lines and smoothly transitions to black as it makes its way up the front of the case.

The MKII includes a logo light color kit in your choice of an array of colors. Apart from the familiar red, we've created a range of color options across the spectrum so you can match the MKII's dramatic illuminated logo lighting to your build's internal color theme. All the logo light color kits are available as Original Add-ons.

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Front Cutout

We eliminated the massive 7-bay opening at the front of the Unibody and replaced it with a single-bay opening. The MKII comes with a solid aluminum Sculpted Front Grill that's finished with the same fine-texture process as the Unibody.

Besides providing a distinctive accent to the case, the Sculpted Front Grill functions as an air intake, being part of the MKII's thermal airflow system, and includes a custom DEMCiflex dust filter that can easily be accessed for cleaning.

The Sculpted Front Grill can be used alone, or with the optional Crossflow Fan Assembly Original Add-on. The grill's mount can be removed in the event that an optional Add-on like the External Aquaero XT mount and bezel is preferred in its place.

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Power - Reset Buttons

We've significantly changed the layout of the power /reset button configuration from the original TJ07. We've also made the power button much smaller and have done away with the Power LED indicator as the illuminated logo lines now serve this purpose. What remains are the reset button hole and HDD activity LED. The power button is black aluminum with a very thin beveled silver edge for contrast.

Inside and concealed behind a black anodized aluminum box is the power/reset/HDD LED PCB. Connected to the PCB are 90cm long black wires that are the perfect length to reach the motherboard headers.

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Lower Section

The lower section beneath the midplate is where radiators, pumps, and PSU are mounted. We've made installing the radiators and pumps easy thanks to an innovative and unique mounting solution that utilizes a two-piece mount and bracket system.

The Unibody floor has all the threaded holes that are needed for any configuration. This includes the holes for the Quad Radiator Mount and a DDC pump; either in a single or dual loop configuration with the optional single radiator and pump mount. The threaded holes in the floor along with a large vertical cutout section, will accommodate future expansion with Original Add-on parts.

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