MBX MKII - Side Panels

Side Panels

The Limited Edition murderbox MKII side panels have been redesigned to accommodate new windows and mesh grills that enhance both their look and functionality. The side panels are constructed out of 2mm thick anodized aluminum and feature a beautiful, organic brush finish.

This is not a "painted on" brush finish, this is the real thing; a mechanical linear etching of the bare aluminum performed prior to anodizing which produces a refined, dynamic result that contrasts perfectly against the fine texture anodizing of the Unibody.

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The window size, shape and location have been changed so it provides a perfectly framed view into the upper section of the case. We've used a 4.5mm thick piece of Acrylic that's perimeter edge is routed to produce an inlay window that's flush mounted with the side panel's exterior surface.

On the inside, we've added a frame of adhesive vinyl around the perimeter of the window that covers the area where the mounting adhesive would be visible from the inside. The result is a clean look, inside and out; an example of the attention to detail embodied throughout the MKII.

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Mesh Grills

We redesigned the panel's mesh grill to accommodate a custom DEMCiflex dust filter that is provided with the MKII. The dust filter is easily accessible for cleaning by removing the side panel and sliding the filter out of its frame.

Both left and right side panels have mesh grills with mounting frames and the DEMCiflex dust filter is used on the side where air is drawn into the lower section.

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