MBX MKII - Cable Management

Meticulous Cable Management

The Limited Edition MBX MKII was designed to include discreet, complete and easy to work with cable management solutions. For example, all the cables and wiring from the lower section pass through a hole at the front of the structural midplate and up into the Modular Front Structure - all completely out of view. From there they either connect to PCB.2 which functions as a power distribution relay, or into a fan or thermal control unit like the Aquaero 6 XT/PRO.

Another notable feature is the blind threaded holes on the back of the motherboard tray; purposefully spaced and located for securing the 24-pin and 8-pin wires using P-clips.

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SATA Data Cables

The MKII comes with 8x SATA data cables that work with the integrated SATA Data Cable Management System. This system makes installing sleeved SATA data cables effortless. By connecting one end to the dedicated drive connector on either PCB.1 or PCB.2, looping the cable into the space allocated for the excess cable, and out through the machined section of the left External Structural Frame, and finally connecting the other end to the connector on the motherboard.

Once connected, you push the excess cable back through the SATA data cable "fingers" on the External Structural Frame and you've got a beautiful, clean result. If the connectors on the motherboard don't line up horizontally with the SATA data cable fingers, you can bend the cables into a loose "S" shape and then run them to the motherboard connectors.

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Dedicated Pump Power Cables

One of the small details in working with a liquid-cooled build is the need to fill and bleed the loop(s). If you've done a good job with cable management, you'll likely find it difficult to supply power to the pumps in order to bleed the loop(s) without having to power on the system or pull wiring apart to access the pump. We've made this task easy by providing dedicated connectors for up to 2 pumps on PCB.3 and a custom-made, sleeved pump power cable.

The way it works is easy; to isolate a pump for filling and bleeding, disconnect the dedicated pump cable on the outside of PCB.3 and connect an external cable leading to another power source to the connector. When you're finished, disconnect the external cable and reconnect the dedicated pump cable and the pumps are back on the system's PSU.

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Power Supply Cables

The Limited Edition MBX MKII comes with a custom-made sleeved cable that connects on one end to the PSU, runs under the edge of the structural midplate, and up into a dedicated connector on PCB.3, located on the outside of the left External Structural Frame. This cable provides all power for drives, fans, LEDs, and any 5.25 bay devices.

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