MBX MKII - Mount Plates

Structural Midplate

The Structural Midplate functions as the horizontal structural support for the Unibody and separates the case into an upper and lower section. This separation has two principal benefits: for one, it creates two isolated thermal zones; keeping the warm air from the radiator(s) located below from radiating into the upper section. The other benefit is aesthetic; the Structural Midplate provides a visual separation that keeps attention on the upper section where the components are located.

The Structural Midplate also incorporates features for cable management. Threaded PEMs are stamped into the underside to attach P-clips that are used to secure wires discreetly. We've also added nylon channel inserts to the rails to make the solid motherboard tray slide smoothly and to protect the contact surfaces from damage.

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Clean Midplate

The Clean Midplate sits atop the Structural Midplate and is secured in place with 4 countersunk screws. The Clean Midplate's purpose is to provide an aesthetically clean surface to the base of the MKII's upper section, and separate the two thermal sections of the case.

We designed the Clean Midplate to integrate with the Structural Midplate and be the material used to drill precision holes for hoses and/or tubes to pass between the upper and lower sections. Because the Clean Midplate is a flat piece of aluminum, it's easy to setup and clamp for drilling holes.

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Serpentine Backplate

The Serpentine Backplate serves two functional purposes. For one, it provides the rear vertical structural support for the Unibody by attaching to the two rear vertical support struts, and two, it's attached to the Motherboard Tray to allow the whole assembly to be easily accessed and removed.

The Serpentine Backplate features the familiar serpentine lines which add a visual creative flow that blends with the same serpentine lines featured on the Serpentine PSU Mount Plate.

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Serpentine PSU Mount Plate

The Serpentine PSU Mount Plate attaches to the two rear vertical support struts and is used to mount the PSU into the lower section of the case. The PSU mount plate has the necessary holes needed to mount the PSU in both vertical orientations; exhaust fan facing into, or out of the case.

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